How to Create a Customer Responsive Culture

70 percent of customers believe the most important thing a business can do when it comes to customer service is to value their time. The best customer service teams not only find solutions that are very appropriate for their customers but also find them quickly so that customers can get back to using their products and services. They work on adopting a customer-responsive culture that encourages agents to put customer needs first and create effective solutions within the shortest time possible. The combination of speed and accuracy helps in improving the overall productivity of a team and generates delightful customer experiences.

Customer responsiveness

Customer responsiveness refers to the ability of a business to respond to service inquiries and fulfill them within the shortest time possible. It includes both the speed it takes agents to initiate interaction as well as the time it takes for them to complete customer requests. You will always want to reduce the number of times customers have to wait before they are served. Additionally, it is very important that you focus on solving all their problems. It can be a great thing if customers can pick up their phones and immediately reach an agent who provides them with a speedy solution to their problems.

It is very important to establish a customer-responsive culture. Here are some ways to g about it.


Set team and individual performance goals

Team goals are very important because they hold your entire team accountable. By setting goals for individuals as well as your teams, your agents will quickly know of their expectations and work towards meeting those goals. People also feel great when they are valued and appreciated. Apart from setting goals for the team, individual goals mean you trust the person and you are putting individual responsibilities on their shoulders for them to do what is right.


Adopt Automation

Automating your service process is one of the most effective ways to improve responsiveness. If you can integrate automation into your support channels, it means you get a good opportunity to expand on your team’s bandwidth and ensure an immediate response regardless of the communication medium you are using. You can make use of chatbots to respond to customers even when your team is out of the office. You can use chatbots to send emails, and trigger messages when you are out of the office. For phone support, you can install machine learning services to redirect customers to the next available resource for actions to be taken.


Create customer experiences

Work on creating Omni-channel support experiences. Reduce time wasted by adding more support channels to your service offer. Omni-channel support systems provide multiple channels for customers to contact you and also connect these mediums to create a unified and seamless experience. Customers can start a conversation on one channel such as social media and seamlessly move to another channel such as phone, email, or live chat. Ensure you also make full use of snippets, personalized tokens, and email tokens to enhance the experience you give to your customers.

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