How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract Best Applicants

Copywriters specialize in making readers take specific actions. They write a variety of copies including articles, landing pages, sales emails as well as job advertisements. It is easy to write an eye-catching job description that attracts brilliant people you are looking to work with. When writing a job description, you want to write a job ad that consistently drives candidates to fill out an application. You also want qualified applicants, people who meet your requirements. To get these people, you need to read the entire job description before deciding if this position is a match for what you are looking for.

Here are some of the ways you can do to attract the right people to your open positions.

Study your target candidates.

You might have heard that people buy on emotion first, and then rationalize their purchase using logic. Applying for a job description in that sense is much just like making a purchase. When hiring your job ad, you need to tap into those emotions by learning everything you can about your target audience – which is the person you are looking forward to interviewing. What are their professional goals and aspirations, what makes them happy, among others? You can create a target candidate persona and use this information to make potent promises that your target candidates want to hear.

Optimize job titles

Every single day, job hunts lead millions of people to search for millions of keywords as well. This makes SEO a very important component in the recruitment process, especially when writing job ads. In your quest to be unique and desired, you should not make up a new, and creative name for an established role. Doing so means you will probably miss out on important keywords that people are searching for. Keep in mind that the experience level of your ideal candidate can change the words they use when looking for online jobs. Ensure you post positions under recognizable, keyword-friendly titles, as that is what candidates will be searching for.

Start with a company summary

You need to open your job’s main text copy with a company summary paragraph. You should not just paste your businesses’ about us section into your about us boilerplate description in your job listing. Your company summary should help to put the which you’re hiring into context for the applicant. If your company is good at selling security software, it will never be enough to simply state your company name, when you were founded and the type of software packages you offer. What your applicants will need are company details that pertain to the team they will be joining. You need to describe your open positions using subheads or sections on areas that touch on benefits, requirements, and responsibilities.

Concisely describe job benefits

You need to have a concise description of the benefits the said job will offer. Every ad should start with a concise description that talks about the overview of the role. It should be snappy and compelling and be sure to complement the clear and quick explanations of the role the job’s picture benefits as well. People will always want to be part of something bigger than themselves. You need to appeal to their desires by helping candidates envision the impacts of their work.





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