What you Need to Know About Customer Experience Optimization

Customer experience optimized products have 1.6 times higher brand awareness and higher customer retention. While traditional  tow truck businesses focus on differentiating themselves through new features and product velocity, many have now started to realize that its excellent customer experience that draws customers and creates a boost to critical business metrics. Customer experience is the holistic relationship that your customers have with various customer facing aspects of your business, such as customer success, customer support among others. Optimization is the art of finding a balance between what your customers want and what your business can afford to offer.

Customer experience optimization considers each of the touchpoints within your customer’s journey. It works to make them more efficient and beneficial for the customer while not driving your business down the drain. It means looking at the key components and using them to make the best business decisions. Here are some of the way and things you can use to optimize customer experience.


Ask customers how they feel

It is easy to make assumptions on what your customers prefer based on the actions within your products. However, the best thing you can do is to ask them directly how they feel and what they enjoy in what you offer about your products. Be sure to send surveys and conduct customer research. The result of those surveys will not only benefit customer experience team but will also be helpful to your other departments. Such results will help your marketing team in understanding what drives customer behavior.


Create a Journey Map

You need to take account of every place your customers come into contcat with your products. You must document every comment, support ticket, marketing email among other interactions where customers come into contact with your products. You then need to match up all those points of contact with any data you have from your qualitative and quantitative surveys and data aggregation tools. Use the information you get to lay out a map for your customer journey that your average customer follows. Once you have a good understanding of every stop a customer takes along their journey, you can start optimizing and improving their experience.


Understand why they made their purchase.

What is the problem that your customers are trying to solve? When they pay for a product, everyone will always have something they think will be able to improve with the purchase they make. When you know what that goa is for your specific customers, it will empower you to move them forward even more efficiently. The faster you can get them to that realization of value, the more meaningful your product and experience will be to them. You need to talk to your support team about what makes customers feel frustrated. Ask your customer success teams how they measure success. Ensure you discuss value drivers with your sales team and always consult the results of your survey.

Ensure you do the required user testing and session recording as these are great ways to view users from a different perspective.





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